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Mr. Jan Agerholm Høybye, PhD and BSc


Dr. Jan Høybye is as a civil engineer specialised in water and environment. Throughout more than 30 years he has worked with practically all areas within the water-environment field: freshwater, marine ecosystems, physical and chemical aspects, design/construction of water infrastructure, planning, monitoring, modelling, flood/droughts, natural as well as urban settings, environmental aspects of energy production, agriculture and forestry, organisation, private sector development, policy development and with focus on protected areas, as well as areas subject to sustainable utilisation. In recent years, Dr. Høybye has mainly worked with the multi-disciplinary aspects of natural resources planning/management and adaptation plans, i.e. IRBM/IWRM/ICZM and the interdependencies between climate, water, environment, energy, agriculture, forestry, urban/rural development and related socio-economic conditions. Innovation in technology development and collaboration practices to support sustainable solutions has been an integral part of these activities.


Dr. Høybye has extensive expatriate experience with both short and long-term placements in primarily Asia and Africa, where he has had assignments from all stages of the project cycle, i.e. strategy/policy development, identification, formulation, appraisal, implementation, monitoring and reviews for a host of international donors, including EU, FAO, UNESCO, SIDA, ADB, UNDP and Danida. Furthermore, he has been responsible for the establishment and consolidation of private consultancy and innovation/development companies in Denmark, Malaysia (Water & environmental infrastructure/services), Ukraine and Singapore (IT/Communication and advanced environmental modelling) and Indonesia (Innovation and Product Development/Environment & Energy).


From 1991 to 1994, Dr. Høybye has held the position as advisory hydrologist in Denmark for the National Hydrological Data Centre under the Ministry of Environment and Energy/National Environmental Protection Agency. He has been Danish representative in international (Nordic, EU, IHP) professional committees and water resources/environmental monitoring program activities, and appointed expert by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy in questions concerning climate change and water resources/nature implications. Dr. Høybye has also acted as advisor on implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive, design and implementation of national and regional environmental monitoring programmes, including organisational aspects, training, environmental assessments and research studies.

Dr. Høybye furthermore contributes to international R&D through invited part-time advisory specialist and/or visiting professor positions at Lund University, Sweden, Chongqing University of Telecommunication, China, and Tanjungpura University, Indonesia, and possesses comprehensive experience as a lecturer at university level (math/statistics, mathematical modelling, IRBM, EIAs, LFA/project development, international cooperation/development, strategic analysis/decision support, innovation/scientific methodology). He has organised and carried out training of professionals in connection with a number of international implementation projects in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. He has participated actively in international project and R&D workshops and conferences (hereof several as co-organiser and facilitator), and he has produced/presented a large number of international publications and conference papers.

Mrs. Mette Vinqvist, PhD and MSc


Dr. Mette Vinqvist has recently worked for the African Development Bank's Agricultural Department on the Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF), a multi-donor trust fund hosted at the African Development Bank capitalised with Euro 113 million from Canada, DFID and Norway. She held the title of chief programme officer, acting for the trust fund coordinator in her absence and on a daily basis supervising portfolio performance, task managers and consultants, liaising with donors, systematising project monitoring and key performance indicators, trouble-shooting and liaising with senior Bank management. She was instrumental in developing the plan and budget for winding down CBFF in collaboration with a number of Bank departments, and thus got intimately familiar with the formalities of project staff and the challenges of trust fund establishment and institutional set-up.


She has experience from private sector initiatives, both as an active entrepreneur and advisory consultant, stemming from e.g. a joint venture company in Malaysia, feasibility study in Mozambique and her own production-import-distribution company based in Denmark with suppliers in Africa, Central America and Southeast Asia. As such, she has demonstrated a strong ability to raise funds and attract clients for projects and investments.

Throughout her more than 17 years long professional career, Dr. Vinqvist has worked primarily with the interface between livelihoods and natural resource management in developing countries, including silvopastoral systems, agroforestry and soil and water conservation practices. She started her working life teaching at a horticultural college (a.o. courses on plant nutrition, fertilizer composition and application), but has since worked as team leader for multi-disciplinary assessments and evaluations, policy design for the interface between environmental management and agriculture (livestock related), impact assessment and design of payments for environmental services, policy planning and management of protected area buffer zones, environmentally friendly agricultural systems, integrated watershed management and coastal protection, public participation and awareness raising. She has worked for and with both government agencies, donor agencies, NGOs and private companies.


Dr. Vinqvist has participated in fact-finding missions, project design, implementation and evaluation on various projects/programmes in especially Central America and Southeast Asia, but also Eastern Europe and Africa. All have been projects/programmes focused on sustainable resource utilization in different sectors such as agriculture, watershed management, forestry and nature conservation.

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