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Just Business Aps was originally established as a fair trade company in 2008, and as a spin-off from the consultancy company called ViSKon ApS (est. 2001).


It was a sub-set of the founding partners of ViSKon, which established Just Business to - as the name implies - design, import and sell (both wholesale and retail) products from developing countries produced under socially and environmentally favourable conditions. The intention was to demonstrate that by combining Danish design(ers) and developing country resources, high-end attractive and financially viable products could result.


In 2016, Just Business bought ViSKon, and after a period of both commercial trading and advisory services, the staff and owners of Just Business (and previously ViSKon) decided to focus on what we do best.


The present day Just Business is therefore entirely centred on delivering high quality advice on sustained, balanced and responsible use of natural resources in both Denmark and developing countries alike. We still carry with us, though, the useful experience of linking private business in the global north and south on commercial terms and frequently employ it in relation to social or environmental market niches, branding and certification of e.g. forest or agricultural products and services.

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