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ADB Yellow River (A3) - Project Sheet


The Yellow River is flowing from West to East throughout the Northern China, with a total length of 5,464 km, a vertical drop of 4,830 m and a catchment area of 752,000 km2. The predominant climate is extreme continental with a drought climate to the North and humid climate to the southeast of the basin, with rainy summers and dry and cold winters. There is a seasonal rainfall alternation between both watersheds, fact that provides this area with monthly regularity, but it is subject to hard hydrous unbalances from year to year, that only allow considering its medium contribution of 52 km3/year, as simple statistic reference.


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Bekok River Rehabilitation Project - Project Sheet (NY)


Bekok River faces severe water quality problems with high concentrations of sediment, Iron (Fe) (1 mg/l to 2 mg/l at Yong Peng) and low values of pH (as low as 2.5 at Yong Peng). This disables the water treatment plants Yong Peng 2 & 3, Sri Gading and Parit Raja from producing enough potable water to the consumers in the area.


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Pahang River Estuary Protection Project - Project Sheet


Pahang River is the largest river in Peninsular Malaysia (~30,000 km2) and flows into the South China Sea. The estuary of Pahang River is located approximately 8 km from Pekan town, the Royal Town of Pahang State. The estuary is approximately 2 km wide at its mouth.


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Skudai River Rehabilitation Project - Project Sheet


The practical experiences with river rehabilitation and Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) are limited in Malaysia, and in relation to the development strategy highlighted in the 8th and 9th Malaysian Plan, it is a top priority that Johor State Government commences the rehabilitation of Sungai Skudai, one of the most polluted rivers in Malaysia. It is evident that rehabilitation and subsequent sustainable river basin management will have a positive impact on the usefulness and recreational value of the river, and indeed will increase the development and tourism potential in the region.


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Tioman Island - Project Sheet


Pulau Tioman is a hilly and rocky island with numerous headlands and small pockets of sandy beaches. The area is 131 km2 and measures 11 km at its widest point and about 20 km in the north south direction. The village of Tekek, the main city on the island, is located on the western coast in a bay, which is the longest stretch of sandy beach in Tioman. Four small rivers discharge from the hills, through the urban areas into the coastal area.


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